How long does the hiring process take from initial application to hire date?

  • Typically the hiring process takes approximately 90 days.

How long is the civil service eligibility list good for?

  • The eligibility list is good for six months unless, unless a request is made by the Police Chief to the Civil Service Commission prior to the written exam that the list remain in effect for 12 months.

Is there special consideration for applicants who are already certified Peace Officers?

  • Applicants who are already TCOLE certified Peace Officers and desire to have a law enforcement service credit of 10 points added to a passing test score of 70 points, must provide proof of TCOLE license and service record showing a minimum of 3 years of continuous active, unbroken service in a municipal law enforcement agency with a population of 15,000 residents or more by the most recent Census Bureau estimates. If service is broken, the applicant must show proof of 3 years of cumulative service and must show proof of an honorable discharge in order to receive service credit.
  • All other TCOLE certified law enforcement veterans who desire to have law enforcement credit of 5 points added to a passing test score of 70 points, must provide proof of service showing a minimum of 3 years of continuous active, unbroken service in a law enforcement agency.
  • Service is calculated from date of hire.

Is there any special consideration for military applicants?

  • Military applicants who show City of Georgetown Human Recourses a DD-214 with an honorable discharge prior to the civil service exam will receive 5 extra points added to their civil service exam if the applicant makes a passing score of 70.

Does the Georgetown Police Department have a lateral transfer policy for TCOLE licensed officers?

  • Not at this time. However, the Georgetown Police Department is considering implementing a lateral transfer for licensed peace officers in the future.

Does the applicant have to pay to attend the police academy?

  • If the Georgetown Police Department hires a non-certified applicant the City of Georgetown will pay for the applicant’s academy. The applicant will receive their salary while attending the academy, will be provided all equipment needed for the academy and will be provided transportation to and from the academy.

What is the Georgetown Police Department’s policy on visible tattoos and/or body art?

  • No offensive tattoos or body art shall be visible. Excessive tattoos on the arms or legs must be covered by the uniform or flesh colored sleeve. The Chief of Police has final authority on what is considered excessive or appropriate.

Will an applicant be disqualified for having a low credit score?

  • Having a low credit score is not necessarily an automatic disqualifier. The Georgetown Police Department looks at credit reports as one barometer of the applicant’s ability to be responsible. If an applicant shows they are attempting to pay off their debt they may be allowed to continue through the process.

Can I still apply to the Georgetown Police Department if I have used drugs?

  • Drug usage is one of many factors that the Georgetown Police Department considers when determining an applicant’s suitability for hire. We understand that some people have experimented with drugs and that even good people make mistakes. The Georgetown Police Department considers the type of drug taken as well as duration of time last used when determining to disqualify an applicant for drug use.

For any questions contact the Professional Standards Division

Lt. Craig Murray at 512-930-2540 or

Sgt. Bill Pascoe at 512-930-8407 or

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